First Time Worshiping With Us?

We would love to have you and your family come and join us at First Wesleyan!  Just to help you out, we thought we would give you a heads-up about what to expect on your first visit. Here are some answers to questions you might have:

What Should I Wear?
This one is easy!  Wear whatever you are comfortable in!  You will see people wearing everything from jeans to suits and ties, so don't worry about whether or not you are dressed right, because you are!

What Time Should I Arrive?
We recommend you arrive about 15 minutes early (10:30) so that you can make sure to know where to go and get your kids checked in.

Where Should I Go?
We recommend coming in the main door at the front of the Sanctuary. This is the best place to enter.  Parking in the     front circle is saved for you! Someone on our Hospitality Team (look for the people in the name tags) will meet you at the door.  Make sure to tell them that it is your first time with us!  They will help you find your way around and also will give you a free gift for being with us. (You can check out the Campus Map at the bottom of this page, if you'd like!)

Where Do My Kids Go?
Once you meet up with someone on the Hospitality Team, they will show you to our Children's Ministry (2 years - 5th Grade) downstairs in the main building.  The kids have their own safe and secure area for them to worship and learn in an environment geared towards them.  Pastor Selina and her team do a great job leading our kids every week.  
For  infants who have not reached their 2nd birthday yet, we have a nursery provided just outside the Sanctuary in the back hallway so they can be close to you! The Hospitality Team will be happy to show you where these places are located.  If you are more comfortable keeping your kids with you for the first time, they are more than welcome to join you in the main worship service. 

What Should I Expect in the Worship Service?
You will be part of a multi-generational group of people who are gathered together to worship!  We will sing together, pray together, and learn together.  We usually start out with a time of worship through singing, then a time of prayer,  and then Pastor Scott Wheeler will bring a powerful and relevant message.  Be sure to check out one of Pastor Scott's  messages on the homepage of the website.  

We hope to see you this Sunday at First Wesleyan Church!  Do you have other questions? Feel free to email us at, call us at (704) 932-8308 or fill out a Digital Connection Card and we'll get in touch with you.  
We look forward to meeting you!

Campus Map

The main entrance to the church is on Bethpage Road, which is just off of the top of the map.  There is also an entrance on Richard Ave. across from the Fire Department, located at the bottom right corner of the map.