Our Ministries

Here at KFWC, we believe that the best way to grow in our walk with Christ is together!  Check out some of these ministries we have to help you and your family grow!

  • Children

    We believe kids don't have to wait until they're grown to be world changers. With a firm foundation built on God's Love, His Word, and His Plan, they can make a difference TODAY. That's why FIRST KIDS exists. We want to see these kids seeking after God and learning they can BELIEVE in God's love for them, they can TRUST in God's Word and they can CHOOSE God's Plan.

    We teach the scriptures so every child can increase their knowledge and wisdom of God's love for them. We also provide experiences to help them grow in their God-given talents and abilities. Special times are set aside for service projects that will help them learn to love others better. And worship opportunities are provided to encourage the relationship between the child and God. FIRST KIDS is a GREAT place to learn about God and about His love for us. 

    We'd love to have your child(ren) join in the fun!  If you need any other information about our ministry, please contact us HERE.

  • Youth

    The youth ministry of First Wesleyan Church, KStudents, exists to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to students (6th grade through 12th grade), inviting them into a saving relationship with Him, and then discipling them, walking with them as they grow deeper in faith and understanding.

    A mature Christian lifestyle is a multi-faceted thing, and through our weekly youth group meetings, we try to assist students in learning those many pieces. Music and prayer are integral parts of our youth meetings, providing all involved with an opportunity to approach God with prayer and praise. There is Bible teaching every week targeting issues that teens deal with regularly at school and at home, as well as disciplines and concepts that will help them advance their understanding of God on their own. Along with our weekly Bible teaching, we like to include worship, games, icebreakers, and videos to allow the teens to feel more comfortable in their surroundings. We also offer two youth camps during the summer: Camp Wesley and NC West District camp. When we are able to, KStudents participates in weekend retreats as well as district lock-ins.

  • Adults

    We offer a wide variety of ministry opportunities for adults - Men's, Women's, 50s Plus, and more!  Our men get together on the second Saturday of every month at 7:45 AM for breakfast and a time of devotions.  Our women have several small groups and also take a yearly beach retreat together.  Our 50s Plus group is very active and involved with service projects and activities.  In addition, we have a wide range of Sunday School classes (9:45 AM Sundays) and Discipleship groups that meet throughout the week.  

  • Worship Arts

    At KFWC, we are committed to helping people grow and develop the talents and abilities that God had given to them.  Worship is so much more than music, and so we use a variety of methods to express our worship!  If you have the ability to sing, play an instrument, paint, take pictures, dance, or any other talent, we would love to have you get involved!  Also, if you are gifted with technical abilities, we are always looking for volunteers in our Audio/Visual department.  Contact Pastor Scott Wheeler for more details!